11 Effective Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep On The Floor

Baby Sleep

Getting your baby to sleep must be a milestone that you always dreamed of. Isn’t that mommies?

Your heart swells when you see your baby sleep. She looks so cute and calm. On the other hand your heart starts pumping fast when you are not able to lull her to sleep all through the night.

To handle such situations it’s important that you understand the sleep basics and develop a sleep pattern for her as early as possible. You cannot forget that babies have their sleep requirements too!

Things To Consider For Baby Sleeping On Floor:

Sleeping on the floor has a very old tradition and is being practiced in different parts of the world. But, can baby sleep on floor? Well, it is not wrong in any way, as long as you make your baby comfortable so that she has a good night’s sleep every day. In case you are making a bed on the floor, there are some additional safety concerns that you should bear in mind.

Here is a list:

  1. You can place a mattress or a roll out bedding on the floor, however; you need to make sure it is firm and neither to hard nor too soft.
  2. Keep away stuffs like carpets, pillows, beanbags that can suffocate your baby.
  3. The room must be well vacuumed and cleaned to ensure there is no dirt or dust piled up.
  4. Place your baby at a distance from the drapes and curtains. Also away from the electrical wiring and plugs, as these increase chances of getting tangled up.
  5. Keep the room well ventilated. Put on the air conditioner if required. Regulate the room temperature between 27 to 28 degrees.
  6. Keep away things such as lamp shades, chairs, speakers or stools that she may knock over at night.
  7. Keep the doors and windows closed, so that there are no mosquitoes or insects inside the room.
  8. If you are using chemicals to keep away the insects, use the chemical free solutions.
  9. Using a mosquito net is a good option, but there should be adequate space inside the net for her to roll, twist and turn.
  10. Make it a habit to sleep her on her back, as this reduces the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS to a great extent.
  11. If you practice sleeping on the floor consistently, she will get used to it. Follow a bedtime routine like changing dresses, applying lotion so that she understands it’s time to sleep.

Get The Facts Right:

Do not worry if your baby does not like the idea of sleeping on the floor initially. She will soon get used to it.

Here are some other aspects that you must not bother about baby sleeping on the floor:

  • Some ethnic communities do not support sleeping on the floor as they believe the moisture from the “damp” floor gets into the body of the babies. Well, this is just a myth. There are no studies to believe that sleeping on floor may lead to arthritis or rheumatism in your baby in the future.
  • The idea that floors are generally “damp” can been derived from the rural houses made of mud floors. Floors made of mud are actually cold and damp and needless to say these can be very uncomfortable for sleeping.
  • Consistent repetition of the same sleep rituals will help your baby get comfortable and she will soon fall asleep.

So, if you thought your baby can never fall asleep on the floor, rethink again! Offer comfortable surroundings to your tiny daydreamer, and you’re good to go. A sleep-inducing and calm bedtime routine will easily help her drift into the dreamland. Once she has eased to the bedtime routine, it will no longer remain difficult for her to sleep on the floor.

Hope you liked our tips to help your baby sleeping on floor. Moms share with us your experience of lulling your child to sleep when you made bed for her on the floor. Your experiences may be a godsend for someone looking for sleep-tips for their kids!



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