How to Have a Baby Without Breaking the Bank

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Most people believe that having a baby will cost them an arm and a leg. And, if you buy into the shameless advertisements geared towards expectant parents, you’ll spend far more than necessary in order to raise your child.


Only purchase things that are absolutely essential. After all, your baby only has eyes for you – not the 5ft giraffe at the foot of his crib, or the $600 rocking chair you purchased from Pottery Barn.


By following the five tips below, you’ll be able to bring your baby into a home with financial abundance:


  1. Work with what you have. You may want to decorate a dream-worthy nursery for your newborn. But, the fact of the matter is that this process is more about you than your baby. The baby won’t feel any more privileged by sleeping in a beautiful nursery than in a small corner of your bedroom.


  • Make the best out of the space you have now. If you do have enough room for a separate nursery, be thrifty. Paint and handmade items can go a lot farther in creating a loving nursery than pricey store-bought décor.


  1. Create a registry, and check it twice. Ask and you shall receive; be coy and you will have to pay out-of-pocket. New moms are given baby showers for a reason – to be showered with necessary items for the baby!


  • Make the most of your registry power by creating two. Create one registry with items that are absolutely essential for baby. And, create a second of items that you would like to have but aren’t necessities.


  • Ask friends/family members to go in together on big-ticket items, such as cribs, baby swings or strollers. Generally, they’ll spend less than if they were each to purchase a separate gift.


  1. Buy used. There’s nothing wrong with thrift shopping for babies. Yes, their skin is sensitive, but with diligent cleaning and a careful eye when purchasing, baby will be perfectly healthy wearing or using previously used items.


  • The only items that shouldn’t be purchased secondhand are baby bottles and plush toys, as they can be hard to truly decontaminate. Some mothers feel okay with purchasing used baby bottles, but it’s best to err on the side of caution.


  1. Stockpile before baby arrives. Become a coupon expert now. The earlier you learn how to match sales, customer rewards programs, and coupons, the more money you’ll save in the long run.


  • Your baby may not be born yet, but it’s best to stockpile on baby food, disposable diapers and wipes when prices are at their absolute lowest. With effective couponing strategies, you may be able to score many items completely free!


  1. Buy expensive. It’s a fact – higher quality items tend to last quite a lot longer than cheap items. Purchase higher quality burp cloths, strollers, and baby mattresses, as these are items you’ll use on a routine basis.


  • Spending more money upfront can save you dollars for years to come. Often, you’ll be able to reuse high quality baby supplies with children you have down the line.


As mentioned earlier, all of the luxurious purchases are geared towards satisfying the parent. It’s almost become a competitive rite of passage. You feel as if you must indulge in the flashiest baby carriage, the top of the line crib, and create a nursery that’s worthy of a spread in “Better Homes & Garden” magazine.


If you can come to terms with the idea that less truly is more in the eyes of your child, you’ll save yourself a world of heartache, financial trouble, and emotional stress. Focus on the baby’s needs and your bundle of joy can be a lot more joyous!



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