4 Effective Treatments To Cure Mouth Ulcer In Infants

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Mouth ulcers are not very common among newborns. Ulcers are open wounds that spread across the mouth lining. The ulcer can vary in size from few millimeters to few inches as well.

You need to talk to your doctor as early as possible when you see mouth ulcer in your baby. It is a very painful situation, from which you need to offer relief as early as possible.

Mouth ulcers are cluster of sores or purple sores that appear along the lips. The painful sores may develop in the inside of his gums, cheeks, tongue or lips.

What Causes Mouth Ulcers In Babies?

Ulcers in babies mouth are caused by herpes simplex virus. Here is how it is caused:

    • It can be caused by a simple kiss.
    • The sores are considered as canker sores that are caused by a virus, trauma or stress.

How Can You Identify The Ulcers?

Ulcers appear on the mouth lining that includes the gums and cheeks as well. Here is how you can identify the sores:

    • The ulcer appears as a red bump and breaks open to form a sore.
    • The sore can be yellow, gray or white in color.
    • If it grows in size, it may develop a ring outside.
    • The ulcer feels painful when touched by food, tongue or other objects.

Why Infants Develop Mouth Ulcers?

Here are stated few reasons that results in mouth ulcers in infants. Let us have a look:

  • Over tiredness or over stimulation can suppress his immune system. In this case your infant becomes prone to developing ulcers.
  • Chewing or biting inside his cheek.
  • Forcefully using the toothbrush damages the soft tissues inside.
  • Injury caused inside the mouth with any object.
  • High anxiety or stress.

The mouth ulcers that develop in infants are same that adults experience. Your baby will soon get some relief after few days when the ulcer subsides.

Vital Considerations:

Ulcers are not very common among newborns or infants. However, here are some vital considerations that you must keep in mind:

  • Canker sores are common after your baby turns 5 years.
  • Hand-foot mouth disease can be seen in infants from 1-5 years.
  • Herpes virus occurs between the ages of 1-3.
  • You need to get in touch with your doctor if your very young baby suffers from such ulcers.
  • Ulcers can result from infection or other conditions affecting him.

Treatment For Mouth Ulcer In Infants:

Mouth ulcers generally get better after some time. It takes around 7-10 days for the ulcers to get cured. Here you can take a look at the treatment option:

  1. There are different treatment options available in this case. Your baby’s doctor shall determine the appropriate treatment option after diagnosing his condition.
  2. Chilled formula and breast milk can offer the much needed relief.
  3. He may also be prescribed topical medicines, creams and topical gels for proper treatment.
  4. Pain relievers such as acetaminophen are suggested to offer some relief in this case.

How To Reduce The Risk of Mouth Ulcers?

You actually cannot do anything to prevent the ulcers from developing inside the mouth. You can however, take some steps to ensure that the risk of occurrence and re-occurrence is reduced to some extent:

  • Make sure your baby gets sufficient sleep.
  • He must follow a regular sleep routine.
  • Make sure he is not under unnecessary stress.
  • He should take his meals at the same time during the day.
  • Reduce intake of acidic foods like cherries, pineapples, strawberries and citric fruits.

If you think his ulcers are getting worse, make sure to bring it to the notice of your doctor.



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