6 Amazing Benefits Of Feeding Pillow


You have gone through nine months of pregnancy, hours of labor or the anguish of a c-section. The worst is behind you. Now is the time to enjoy motherhood. Or so you think!

If you are a new mother, you are in for the ride of your life! Sleepless nights, poopy diapers, colic, reflux – your life will suddenly revolve around these words. And don’t forget breastfeeding! Breast milk is like manna from heaven for your newborn. But breastfeeding is no walk in the park. There are many factors that can turn the simple act of feeding your child into a nightmare. Here are a few of them:

  • Bad latch
  • Inadequate supply
  • Bad posture
  • Cracked nipples
  • Thrush
  • Back pain
  • Mastitis

Now, don’t panic! This list is not to scare you away from breastfeeding. Most women have no difficulty feeding their baby. But if you do find the going tough, help is always at hand!

If a bad back is what is troubling you, you need a feeding pillow!

What is a Feeding Pillow?

First things first – feeding pillows are not just meant for breastfeeding moms! Moms who use formula feeding too can use them. And if you are recovering from a c-section, feeding pillows can be a big help.

Feeding pillows, also called nursing pillows, usually come in a U-shape and go around your waist to provide relief to your back, neck, spine and arms. You can easily order them online.


How To Use A Feeding Pillow?

If you have decided to get a feeding pillow, congratulations! This decision may just be the thing to make your life a little easier. Here’s how you should use the feeding pillow to make the most of it:

1. Find a Quite Spot:

Breastfeeding is the time to bond with your baby. The last thing you need is any distraction! So, turn off that television and find a quite spot to feed your baby.

2. Put The Pillow in Place:

Place your pillow around your waist, with the backrest (if any) towards your back.

3. Adjust the Height:

Once you are comfortable with the height of the pillow, fasten the belt or Velcro securely.

4. Be Comfortable:

Most feeding pillows come with adjustable straps. Use them to make sure the pillow fits snugly.

5. Feed Your Baby:

Now, sit down with your baby’s head on the pillow. This posture will help your baby latch on properly.

You can use the pillow to bottle feed your baby too. The steps remain the same.

Benefits Of A Feeding Pillow:

So, what else does the feeding pillow do, apart from providing your back some relief? Here are a few benefits of using a feeding pillow:

1. Makes Pregnancy Easier:

Yes, you can make use of the nursing pillow even before your baby is born! Just use it as back support to make the last trimester of your pregnancy a little less painful!

2. Helps Baby Get a Good Latch:

The primary function of the pillow is to bring your baby close to your body. This is important if you want your little one to get a good latch. A good latch = pain-free feeding sessions!

3. Helps You Heal From a C-section:

As mentioned before, a nursing pillow can be a great option if you are recovering from a c-section. It protects the incision site and helps it heal faster.

4. Provides Relief From Reflux:

Many babies suffer from reflux and colic. If you feed your baby without propping her up properly, these problems can become even worse. A feeding pillow can help prop up the baby and prevent reflux, colic and other gastrointestinal problems.

5. Works as Support For Your Baby Up:

An interesting fact – feeding pillows were originally designed to help your baby situp! When your baby is ready (between 4-6 months of age), you can use your feeding pillow as a support and teach your baby the joy of sitting up!

6. Makes Muscles Stronger:

Your baby’s; that is! You can place your baby on her tummy on the pillow. Doing this will encourage her to use her arms and legs, making her muscles stronger.

Is There a Downside?

All is not rainbows and unicorns when it comes to feeding pillows! Here are some problems you may encounter with your beloved pillow:

  • Using the pillow can prove counterproductive at times. Your baby may find it difficult to latch while on the pillow. A bad latch in turn can cause sore nipples.
  • You can end up with backaches because of your feeding pillow. This is because most of us tend to lean forward while feeding our babies.
  • Feeding pillows come in standard sizes and may not fit you. This can make shopping for the right pillow a battle.
  • The one thing that can prove to be the biggest downer is that you can’t use your pillow while outside. Most feeding pillow are bulky and carrying them along while you shop is not a happy task!

Feeding your baby should not send you into panic mode! It should be a time to rejoice in the life you created. A feeding pillow can help you and your baby bond. Do you need a feeding pillow? Well, you are the best judge of that. But if you do decide to buy one, make sure to buy the best brand. You can even ask your loved ones to gift you one on your baby shower!

Hope you liked our post on how to use a feeding pillow. What do you think of feeding pillows? Do you think it is a must buy or do you plan to give it a miss? Tell us, in the comments section below!



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