Baby Health – Everything You Need To Know

Baby Health

Big cheers to all the beautiful moms for bringing a healthy baby into this world!! You must be worried about your baby’s health and may be looking for some vital information to maintain your baby pink and plump. Well, article is put down to do just that- here we’ve sorted out all the basics you need to know to ensure your baby health.

As a new parent, you may have several questions about the infant’s health. From diaper basics to seasonal changes and their blues; from vaccinations to skin care products- you may want all your questions and queries solved. It’s but natural- the more you know, the more assured you are when it comes to your baby’s health.

The birth of a baby not only brings about a commotion in your life, but also involves round the clock feeding, diapering, bathing and soothing which spell sleepless nights and fatigue. However, there is more to the health of your new born than just caring for his daily basics. The health of a baby also includes taking care of his delicate skin, knowing the reason behind his cries and also watching his progress and development.

Your little one needs nurturing, a warm-hearted mom and a loving dad to grow into a healthy and happy baby.

Newborn Baby Health Care Basics:

TLC (Tender Love and Care) is the motto behind a healthy baby!

1. Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is one of the most important factors that can ensure optimum baby health. Though this practice is on the decline in the Western world, you need to remember that it is the ultimate nourishment for your baby. Your baby will get required calories, protein, fats and calcium through breast milk and breastfeeding is one of the quickest and easiest ways to form a bond between a mother and a baby.

2. Keep Your Baby Happy:

As your baby grows older, include fun activities into his day. Babies are fascinated by new events and people, so try to provide a new and innovative learning experience to your child every day.

  • Here are a few simple ways that can help you keep your baby happy:
  • Sing songs, play peek-a-boo games or even make silly noises-babies tend to be extremely amused by these small playful acts.
  • Take a walk together to get some fresh breeze; get him seated in his stroller and talk to him about the surroundings- point out when indicating clouds, trees, vehicles and other objects.
  • While you are busy with your household jobs, let him sit on a high chair and you can keep him busy with a picture book, some snacks in a bowl or a toy.
  • To encourage play and enhance leg movement, get your child enrolled at an activity centre and allow him to explore the environment on his own.

3. Sleep Time:

After much play and activities, it is the time to sleep for the baby to sleep in his crib. Lay him down in the crib when he is drowsy but awake. Sleep is an extremely important factor that plays a role in improving health, especially among babies.

4. Solo Play:

Lay your baby down in a play yard with some toys and play some soothing music. This will instill in him a habit of entertaining himself as this is an important skill. While he is playing, you can get your other jobs done like preparing dinner or getting the other chores done.

5. Last Burst of Energy before Sleep:

This should be the last activity of the day. Put your little one on an activity mat on his back to reach to some hanging toys and let him throw his hands and legs in the air. Steadily he will drift to sleep once he gets tired with this playful mood.

Important Baby Health Tips for Parents:

Babies are extremely curious and love to explore the world around them- it is therefore important to keep your house safe. If it’s your first baby, you may need to make certain changes to your home to ensure a safe environment for your baby. Here mentioned are few baby health care tips.

a. Safety Concerns:

Remove all the sharp cornered objects from the area where your baby generally stroll around and plays; you can also place some pillows on those surfaces. Cover all plug points and make sure you do not place any sharp or hot objects where your baby can reach them.

b. Hygiene:

Kids have a habit of biting, chewing or sucking on things lying on the floor which may be dirty and full of germs, which raises your baby’s risk of being affected by stomach infections. It is best to ensure proper cleanliness of your house especially during your baby’s growing years.

c. Toy Safety:

Avoid choosing small toys for your baby- your baby may swallow it, which can be quite risky. Also make sure you pick up good quality toys- cheap toys tend to have chemicals that are extremely toxic and may impact on your baby’s health.

d. Visit to the Paediatrician:

Discuss with your doctor about your baby’s growth and follow regular vaccinations. Your doctor will observe baby’s weight, height and other parameters of general health to know about his health.Regular visits to your paediatrician are advised, especially if you are a new mom.

Remember, every baby has his own personality which can be different from their parents. Some babies are cuddly and easy going, while others are quite active and loud; some are serious and others are jovial.

As a parent, you know your little one’s unique personality. Let him grow on his own pace, enjoy the surroundings and feed him well. Take him to a paediatrician for regular vaccinations as given in the vaccination chart and also discuss the developments in your baby’s health.



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