Baby’s 21st Month – A Guide To Development And Milestones


Your baby’s growth and development is measured not only by weight and height but also by the skills he has developed over time. Babies develop these skills as they cross the months and these are termed as developmental milestones.

21 Month Old Baby Development:

There is nothing to worry if your baby has not attained some milestones that are mentioned in the development charts. Every child is different and it is best to let them develop at their own pace. While some babies remain ahead of the milestones, others reach them a little later. Each of this situations is perfectly normal. Get to know the 21 month old developmental milestones:

1. Development Of Motor Skills:

Some of the motor skills that your baby have developed by this age are as follows:

    • He is now capable of climbing, running and walking.
    • He may be able to walk alone, carry a toy with him while walking and start running as well.
    • He must be able to kick a ball now.
    • You will find him climbing furniture and walk up and down the stairs.


2. Development Of Fine Motor Skills:

Your baby has now developed some fine motor skills. Take a look below:

  • He is ready to scribble without help.
  • He can now turn over a container.
  • He may use one of his hands more than the other at this stage.

3. Development Of Cognitive Skills:

Some of the cognitive skills that your baby has developed at this stage are as follows:

  • He can now use his reasoning and thinking skills with the help of five senses.
  • He may have developed the skills to build blocks, identify colors and shapes.
  • By now he can easily find a hidden object.
  • He is now aware of the use of different objects like a brush, comb or a phone.

4. Development Of Language Skills:

Your baby has started developing language after the first birthday. By this time your baby shall be able to speak different words.

  • He can now recognize his body parts, objects and people.
  • He can use simple phrases and two or three sentences.
  • He can follow simple instructions and can also point to similar objects.

5. Emotional And Social Skills:

Now that your baby enjoys the company of other children and loves playing with them, it is another developmental milestone.

  • At this age your baby has started imitating others and considers himself a separate individual.
  • This age marks the beginning of new found independence. He also shows decreasing signs of separation anxiety.
  • He shows defiant behavior at this age.

Coping With Your Baby’s Tantrums During 21 Months Development:

The best thing that you can do is to keep your cool while he is throwing temper tantrums. Here are some tips:

  • You must stay close by him and wait till he has vented out his frustrations.
  • Lend him a shoulder to cry or give him a hug to help him feel better. You can also distract him with toys that he loves.
  • If you are in a restaurant or in a hotel, take him to a quiet place. Both of you can spend some time together till his anger subsides.
  • You will get used to his tantrums and develop effective strategies to cope with it. Asserting his will is a part of his growing up process.
  • You may find him insisting on doing things that he has been asked not to. Make sure to be around when he throws himself on the floor in a fit of temper.

Setting routines are an important part of his growing up process. To keep him under control you must offer him the minimum comfort even when things go wrong. Offer him unconditional comfort rather than lecturing him. A simple kiss makes things better in cases where he was not at fault.



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