When Can You Let Your Baby Sleep Alone?

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Are you worried about the many theories about letting babies sleep in their own cot? Do you want to know why you should let your baby sleep alone and if it is recommended? Are you planning to teach your baby about sleeping alone but not sure how to go about it?

Before you move your baby from the family bed to the cot, it is important to understand what is right for your baby. Will it be better for your baby to sleep alone? Or should your baby sleep with you for more years to come? Read on to find out all your queries on the same.

When Can I Let My Baby Sleep Alone In The Baby Bed Or Nursery?

The decision to let your baby sleep alone in a baby cot or in the nursery largely depends on your baby’s age and your and your baby’s health too. Another big factor that plays an important role in getting baby to sleep alone is how comfortable both you and your baby are in sleeping apart.

In the first few years of your baby’s life, your baby will have a very important and a very strong need of close physical contact with you (1). You may feel that allowing your baby to sleep in the same bed as you may mean that your baby will never want to migrate to a separate bed or room. This does not necessarily have to be true. In the first few years of your baby’s life and even while your child is young there is a strong need for closeness and security . Once your child outgrows this need, your child may themselves want to sleep on their own.

Co-Sleeping In The Same Bed:

Your baby is probably the safest and most comfortable when you are sharing a bed (2). While you are sleeping in close proximity to your baby, you also aid and stimulate your baby’s breathing (3). According to research, the closer you sleep to your baby, the higher amount of carbon dioxide will be present in the air around your baby. This will affect your baby’s breathing in a good way, as your baby will continue breathing properly to get the required amount of oxygen . You will also be able to feel any discomfort your baby has during the night, as any movement in your baby may wake you up. This also means that you will be able to check on your baby through the night. As both you and your baby sleep together, your baby too will sleep comfortably, knowing you are there.

Co-Sleeping In The Same Room In A Baby Cot:

When your baby sleeps with you in a safe and comfortable environment, both you and your baby will respond well to each other . Co-sleeping is a decision you will take jointly along with your partner. An alternative to letting your baby sleep in the same bed as you could be to place your baby in a baby cot next to your bed. You could go for a baby bed that has a reclining side that lets the beds be joined together. This will make it easier for you to pick up baby when needed or feed at night.

In the initial six months of your baby’s life, this will mean that each time your baby is hungry, you will know it’s time and feed your baby accordingly. In such a situation, if your baby is sleeping in a different room, you may not always realize your baby needs a feed, especially if your baby is not crying. This could mean that your baby will end up feeding less and may be at a greater risk of infections.


Researchers and medical experts are now stressing the need to allow your baby to sleep with you. This is in a complete contrast to the practice of teaching baby to sleep alone. According to the latest findings and discussions, sleeping with your baby is good for your baby’s overall health and well-being.

Do you sleep with your baby in the same bed or a baby cot in the same room, or have you already shifted your baby to the nursery? Do share with us your views and your experiences on how to get baby to sleep alone.



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