11 Months Baby Sleep – Everything You Need To Know

Baby Sleep

Are you a new mother? Congratulations!

Being a new mother, you are probably worried about your baby’s sleep patterns and the amount of time your baby sleeps during the day. The reason which creates doubts for you is your baby’s altered sleep pattern, in respective to earlier months.

We have compiled a guide with information on  11 month old baby sleep patterns, which will help you figure out whether your baby is having proper sleep or not.

How Long Does A 11 Months Old Baby Sleep?

At this point, your baby is probably sleeping for a major portion of the day, but steadily spending a larger amount of time awake.

    • Toddlers sleep for about 13 or 14 hours a day.
    • Generally, they take about 2 to 3 naps of 2 or 2 and half hours, and sleep for about 11 hours at night.
    • Ensure that your toddler is taking at least 2 naps.
    • This napping pattern will continue till they are about 15-18 months old. About this time, your baby will form a napping pattern and stick to it, unless forced.

Problems In Your 11 Month Baby Sleep:

Sleep latency (problems in sleeping) is common among toddlers of this age.

    • Most of them can be expected to spend the entire time of sleeping without crying, but they might cry a little.
    • Some 11-month olds might need their parents to come in and check on them at least once, when they are napping, or else they will wake up from their nap.
    • About 90% of babies sleep a major portion of their sleep at night. You can expect your toddler to sleep between midnight and 5 am, for sure.

When To Go Visit Your Doctor?

Sleep is essential for your toddler at this age for it helps brain and neural development. If she does not get enough rest, it might affect her later in life. You would have to visit the doctor if you feel that your child is sleeping less than the amount mentioned above. Also, consult a pediatrician if your child feels restless while sleeping or is prone to crying throughout the sleep. If she has breathing problem while sleeping, or starts snoring, medical attention may be needed.

What Can Be Done?

There are a number of things, as a parent, you can do to make your toddler sleep better. You can calm the baby to make her asleep naturally. Follow the below mentioned things to make your baby sleep properly:

1. Co-sleeping:

Sleep at least one or two hours with your baby every night. Co-sleeping is not only good for your baby, it is good for you as well. It helps your baby to bond with you.

2. Side Stomach Sleeping:

Try mimicking the way your baby was in the uterus. The benefit of helping your toddler sleep this way will turn off the falling reflex babies have, which keep the babies waking up at night.

3. Assuring Noises:

Your baby will be comforted by the shushing noises you make, which would sound a lot like the white noise your baby heard while he or she was in your womb.

4. Swinging:

Babies, who have trouble in sleeping, fall asleep when they are swung in gentle motions. It calms them down and makes them sleep fast.

5. Pacifiers:

Give your baby something to suck on like a pacifier. This helps babies to calm down and fall back to sleep.

These are some of the most tried and tested methods used by parents to soothe their babies to sleep comfortably. Try them and you will be pleasantly surprised!

If you have any more ideas on 11 months old baby sleep schedule, share them with us in the comments section below.



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