6 Pros And Cons Of Using Pacifiers For Your Baby

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Congratulations on the baby!

As a parent, your most important priority is to comfort and care for your baby. While some infants can be calmed down easily after breastfeeding is over, some others still want to suck, even when they are not hungry.

If your baby is doing the same too, the answer may be a pacifier.

Pacifier For Babies – Is It Good?

A pacifier is not something that you regularly give your baby. After you have fed, burped, rocked, cuddled and played with him, your baby may still be cranky and need some comforting. This is when you may want to check if a pacifier can soothe the situation.

    • Though some babies will pacify themselves with the habit of thumb-sucking, others will need a pacifier to make them feel secure.
    • This is a kind of non-nutritive sucking and is more prominent in some infants.
    • It is also easy to break the habit of sucking pacifier than the habit of thumb-sucking which becomes quite annoying at times.

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) states that use of pacifier should be promoted in infants younger than one year of age.

3 Pros Of Using Pacifier:

Here are some baby pacifiers pros and cons. These will help you to make a decision on whether to offer it to your baby or not.

Pacifier offers the following good things to your baby:

1. Reduced SIDS Risk:

Giving a pacifier to your baby during sleep or night time reduces the chances of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

  • While doctors are not sure how it works, they do recommend using it while your little one is sleeping.
  • The risk is lowered by more than half.

2. Please The Suck-Reflex:

There is a natural need to suck in babies and this habit is met by sucking bottle or breast.

  • Some babies still desire to linger on, even after their tummies are full. In this situation, pacifier can be useful for both you and your baby.
  • You must ensure that the pacifier does not replace the mealtime, because your baby will enjoy sucking this accessory.

3. Boost Self-Soothing Habit:

When your baby sucks on pacifier, it will help him/her to relax, control feelings and also make your baby feel secure.

Thus, the comfort factor will be doubled and it will ensure a calmer baby and more relaxed parents.

3 Cons Of Using Pacifier:

The use of pacifier has some bad effects too:

1. Tooth Problems:

 If your baby uses it for a prolonged period, it will result into ugly denture.

  • So make sure that your baby does not use it after two years of age.
  • Experts say that any kind of growing tooth problems are self-corrected within six months of ceasing pacifier use.

2. Ear Problems:

Some studies reveal that infants who use pacifier are more prone to ear infections than infants who do not use it.

There are two times increased chances of infections in babies who suck pacifier.

3. Nipple Confusion:

If you use the pacifier in early days, it will create nipple confusion in infants and can also interfere with successful breastfeeding.

  • It is better to offer this accessory when your infant has turned one month.
  • But, if your baby is nursing well, has a perfect feeding routine and gaining weight perfectly, then you can start early too.
  • It should not be given to those babies who have problems in gaining weight.

Remember, While Using Pacifier:

Always use a pacifier which is BPA (bisphenol-A) free.

  • Select the correct size to fit perfectly in your baby’s mouth.
  • To keep it clean, rinse with soap and water before and after use.

Make sure that you give pacifier after the regular feedings to your baby to ensure your darling gets full nourishment first. This will let your child relax and get better sleep.

Hope the above information has cleared your views on use of pacifier for babies. Share your views on baby pacifier use and about your experiences with your baby, please write in the comments section below.



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