Baby’s 12th Month – A Guide To Development And Milestones


Congratulations on your baby’s first birthday. You are super excited and preparing to celebrate this occasion in the best possible way. Now that she is a year old, you may be recollecting all the milestones and developments that she has achieved. It is indeed a moment of great joy and pride.

The biggest challenge for your 1 year old is to learn to walk. You will see her holding on to something she can to keep her balance, in case she has not yet mastered the art of walking. By now she will become increasingly mobile and has also developed a sense of control and power. At this age, she is enjoying her power of independence!

12 Months Old Baby Development:

Your 12 months old is smarter than before and exhibits plenty of developments. Take a look at the following to know your 12 months old baby developmental milestones:

1. Physical Milestones:

You can see a lot of physical milestones achieved in your 12 months baby development. Take a look at the list below:

  • She can now sit upright without any support.
  • She may take few steps without a support.
  • She will walk holding on to things like the furniture.
  • You will find her pushing up to stand.
  • You may also find her crawling at times.

2. Language Milestones:

By this time, your 12 months old baby has developed her language skill to certain extent. Here is what you can expect:

  • You may find her trying to imitate words.
  • She may say “no” more frequently.
  • You may find her saying words like “dada” and “mama”.
  • She will now slowly respond to verbal requests.

3. Emotional and Social Developments:

You will find significant social and emotional developments in your 12 month old baby at this age. Take a look:

  • She might get anxious looking at strangers.
  • She may feel scared in some situations.
  • She may cry when you leave.
  • She may start feeding herself with her own hands.
  • She may show specific responses for specific toys and people.

4. Cognitive Developments:

Here is a look at some of the cognitive milestones in your 12 months old:

  • She will now explore objects by dropping, shaking, throwing and banging them.
  • By this time she is aware of the right use of different objects. She may use a cup for drinking, dial a phone, brush her teeth, and so on.
  • When you name a figure she may point at the image.
  • She can now easily find a hidden object.

Be Careful:

Remember your baby is a separate individual and you should give her the space and time to develop in her own pace. It is not possible to say when your baby shall develop perfection in a skill.

The developmental milestones discussed above are only to offer you a general idea about the changes that you can expect in her. It is perfectly normal if the developmental course is moving slower or faster than you expect.

You can always speak to your doctor about the developmental delays you are concerned about. Here are some pointers you should be careful of:

  • Your baby does not point to objects or pictures.
  • Your baby does not use gestures like shaking head and waving.
  • Your baby does not search for hidden objects.
  • Your baby is not able to stand.
  • Your baby cannot crawl.

Your doctor shall guide you as well as your baby so that you all can enjoy the growing up phase. Follow the guidelines set by your doctor. Prepare yourself for the growing needs and see your baby developing a personality of her own.

Moms tell us about your baby development at 12 months in the comment section below. Share with us your experiences of your baby’s growing up years. Your experiences can be valuable for others.



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