Baby’s 15th Month – A Guide To Development And Milestones


Your 15 month old loves to play, explore and experiment with the world around him. One of the most important activities for your baby at this age is playing. It is through his playful activities that he learns to be creative, imaginative and thoughtful.

At this age your baby loves finding toys that are hidden and name the different body parts. His problem solving skills and language get better as he grows.

15 Month Old Baby Development:

Your baby is now developing skills in different areas. He has now started building foundational skills that develops from infancy. Here is what you can expect to watch out for baby development at 15 months:

  1. Your 15 months old is now capable of walking independently.
  2. He can now say few words like “mamma” “dada”.
  3. He can spend time with picture story books that he will love to stare at.
  4. He will love to finger feed himself and enjoy climbing up furniture and stairs.
  5. He will now try taking off his clothes.
  6. You can make him seat in a small chair. He may himself try and get down from the chair.
  7. You can ask him to get something from another room.
  8. He will love to pick up crumbs and small pebbles.
  9. By this time he has gained better control over his hands and loves to scribble, turn pages of a book or use a spoon.

How You Can Help Your 15 Months Old?

While your baby is growing and developing, you need to be by his side and guide him all through the process. Remember to be patient and caring all the time. Take a look at what you can do:

    • As you are teaching your baby to be self-confident and independent, you need to be by his side.
    • You must be there when he is exploring the world around him. Even while playing he might look back to you. He might get upset if he doesn’t find you.
    • Playing is very important for your baby at this age. Encourage him in both outdoor and indoor games.
    • Encouraging your baby to take part in social play is very essential. However, you must not expect taking turns and sharing at this age.
    • You can help him develop his gross motor skills and fine motor skills by encouraging him to use a spoon or drink from a cup. Don’t worry about the mess in the mealtimes; it is just a small part of his learning process.
    • The more you talk, the better it is for him. You can ask him to point out his body parts or call you “mamma”.
    • You must listen as well as talk back to your baby. A two way conversation shall help develop the communication skills. He will also feel loved and valued this way.

When To Ask For Help?

You should notify your doctor in the following cases:

  • If he doesn’t like eye contact.
  • If he doesn’t speak a single word.
  • If he has trouble hearing.
  • If he is not able to walk on his own.

You can prepare a list of concerns and discuss it with your doctor. Relatives and friends with kids can also solve your minor doubts regarding your child’s development. We would recommend you to consult a doctor.

As your baby grows, he will be more aware of his needs and learn how to meet them. It is a learning process for you too. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes and learning from the experiences.



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