Baby’s 14th Month – A Guide To Development And Milestones


Compared to a newborn, your 14 month old baby is completely independent and mobile. He is continuously learning through manipulation, exploration and movement. This is the time when your baby is refining and developing language, social skills, fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Your baby, now a toddler, at this age is expressing his feelings while interacting with others. This is a big step in establishing the foundation for future development of milestones.

14 Month Old Baby Development:

Your 14 month old baby has now developed different skills. You must keep in mind that variations are absolutely normal. There is nothing to worry if your baby is slightly behind the mentioned age for various developments. If your baby is born prematurely, you need to refer to the developmental charts and know exactly what you can expect.

Here are some of the developmental milestones you can expect in your baby at this age:

    1. You can now expect him to say a word or two and follow some of your simple commands.
    2. He might respond to his name and familiar sounds.
    3. When frustrated, he will express his anger by screaming, crying, holding his breath or throwing tantrums.
    4. He shall also clap, smile or laugh in excitement or happiness.
    5. He might appear shy in front of strangers.


Vital Considerations:

Proper interaction and age-appropriate games shall help your baby attain his milestones at this age. You, as a parent, need to start practicing these with your child beforehand. So that he reaches them on tim. Remember not to push your child to attain them.

  • Right kind of activities and games shall help him become all the more productive.
  • You must read out loud to your 14 months old.
  • Encourage him to name his body parts.
  • Allow him to finger feed himself, even if it means a complete mess.
  • Use different materials to play with him like shape sorters, puzzles and art materials.
  • Look for activities and games that will help develop the different senses.

Safety Measures For Delayed Developments:

In case you are worried about developmental delays, you can plan to visit your baby’s doctor. He shall suggest if your baby needs any medical intervention.

  • You may be suggested to attend a specialist program with your baby that is designed according to the child specific needs.
  • The general causes of developmental delays include birth complications, pregnancy and ear infections.
  • It is very essential that you opt for an early diagnosis and cater to the specific requirements of your baby.

Being A Parent To A 14 Month Old:

Baby development at 14 months marks a huge transition in your baby. It is normal for you to get frustrated until you realize it is his new developmental phase.

  • Remember, just as it is his job to explore everything around him, it is also your job to keep away the fragile and dangerous items away. This way you can allow him to explore to his heart’s content.
  • Babyproof your home completely so that you don’t have to stop him in every move he makes. You will be ending up irritating him more if you stop him from doing everything he wants.
  • You can play safe and fun games like creating a stack with diapers. Let him knock it down and restack again.
  • Your baby will be especially happy if you allow him to get involved in the chores you do. Let him help you with hanging the washed clothes or fetch a bowl for you.
  • If you have set some limitations, empathize with him. This is a good way to help him accept the rules.
  • Crying is fine. In fact at this age your baby processes his anger, sadness and disappointment through crying. Hold him against your chest and empathize. He will become more cooperative, when he feels understood.

This is one of the best times when your baby is learning while exploring. As a parent you need to support him and help him enjoy his job. Happy parenting!

Moms tell us how you spend time during your 14 month old baby development and the milestones your baby achieved.



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