Baby’s First Month – A Guide To Development And Milestones


Congratulations mom! You’ve successfully reached the first month of “mommyhood”.

At this stage, you may find your baby doing almost nothing apart from crying, sleeping and feeding on your breast milk. However, with time you will find her getting more responsive and alert.

What your baby needs at this stage is a strong sense of attachment. Your gentle love and care will protect her and support her all through the growing up process.

One Month Old Baby Development Milestones:

Though she may be tiny, there are a host of developments she will be going through. You need to remember an important fact that if your baby was born prematurely, she may not exactly follow these milestones. Understanding your one month baby developmental milestones will help you know what you can do to ensure his best possible growth. Clear all your doubts with your doctor and see your baby grow.

1. Physical Developments:

Take a look at the physical developments you may notice at this stage:

    • Your baby now quivers her arms and jerks.
    • She brings her hands to the range of her mouth and eyes.
    • She is capable of moving her head side by side.
    • Keeps her palms tightly closed.

2. Touch and Smell Developments:

Some of the touch and smell developments that you can look out for are:

      • She can now recognize the smell of your breast milk.
      • She avoids acidic or bitter smells.
      • She does not like abrupt or rough handling.
      • She now likes sweet smells.

3. Hearing And Visual Developments:

Your one month old baby has developed some hearing and visual milestones. Take a look below:

      • She is now capable of focusing at a distance of 12 inches.
      • She now turns towards familiar voices and sounds.
      • Her hearing ability has developed completely.
      • Her eyes now occasionally cross and wander.

Games You Can Play:

You can place your one month old on her tummy to help her strengthen the muscles in her neck. It will be difficult for her to lift up her head, so it is better to keep her on the tummy for short spans and see if she likes it.

      • You can place a small pillow or soft cushion under her tummy to make her comfortable.
      • Make sure that you are around while your baby is on her tummy. Do not let her sleep on her tummy as it increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
      • You can play with her while changing diapers. Look into her eyes and gently poke different parts of her body while making funny noises.

Toys For Your 1 Month Old Baby Development:

Your one month old still does not need toys to keep her engaged. This is the time when she is busy exploring her hands.

      • Rattles and baby bracelets are some good ideas for your baby at this age.
      • You can invest in a baby play mat.
      • Baby strollers can also be fun.

Be Watchful:

You must notify your doctor if in the second, third or fourth week you notice any developmental delays. These could be any of the symptoms below:

      • Feeds slowly or sucks poorly.
      • Her lower jaw trembles constantly.
      • Does not respond to sounds.
      • Does not blink even when shown bright light.
      • Appears floppy or extremely loose in the limbs.
      • Is not able to focus on nearby objects.

You must follow the guidelines that your doctor suggests in these cases. There is no need to press the panic button; rather leave it on the expert as he shall suggest the right solution.

This is one of the most amazing times that you along with your partner must enjoy. You will be thrilled to see how your baby will transform over the months.

Hope you liked our post on one month old baby development. Moms tell us how your baby communicated with you in the first few months in the comment section below.



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